Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sugar High

We’ve got a couple boys here that love them some sugar.

Grant and I already went through the loot to make sure the chocolate was safe.  It was. 

October 09 047

Our Jack O Lanterns are the most uncool  ones that I have seen.  Obviously we aren’t into templates or fancy carving gear.  We stick with a trusty steak knife. 

Instead of traditional Trick or Treating, we had a Trunk or Treat event at church.  It was a success: Trunks full of treats outside, and games, popcorn, and hot chocolate inside.  The boys had a blast with their friends, as did their parents. 

October 09 062 editedOctober 09 072 editedOctober 09 081 edited    It was great to have Halloween and Daylight Savings Time coincide this year, wasn’t it? 

They should do that more often. 


  1. Nice teeth. Cute costumes! P.S. I LOVED YOUR GIFT. THANK YOU!!!

  2. I love the title, I am assuming when you wrote that you were singing the song from Empire Records. If I'm wrong don't tell me, let me dream. On another note your teeth are looking quite healthy.

  3. I actually like the pumpkin on the right -- his mouth kinda looks like a surgical site.

    Look forward to seeing you guys this weekend in Columbia (unless you're out of town).


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