Monday, February 15, 2010

We kidnapped our mom and all we took were these lousy pictures

feb 10 002

feb 10 032 feb 10 037

Our girls’ weekend away to Memphis consisted of more than just blowing toothpicks to the ceiling, I promise. ( By the way, I am pretty awesome at it; Kenzie, not so much.) 

We did lots of other things too, like go to TJ Max 15 times,  hide boys in the back of my Jeep, reunite TerBear with an old friend, and stuff our faces with some pretty awesome cupcakes.  

feb 10 031 edited

My poor pictures don’t do the weekend justice, but in all fairness, Alisha is the family’s designated photographer…. so I will not be accepting any blame.

Even so, ‘twas a fun weekend with the mom and the sisters!   

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  1. in more than one? Who else hid in the backseat when I wasn't there? Anyung?


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