Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trips are nice

 Quick summary of our little week away:feb 10 027 edited

  • Colorado is gorgeous. 
  • Vail is a cute little village. 
  • It’s an expensive little village, too. 
  • Grant is great at skiing. 
  • I am less than great. 
  • I prefer shopping.  It bruises my shins less.     feb 10 016 edited
  • Meeting a new group of friends is fun.   
  • Playing Catch Phrase in the hot tub is a riot. 
  • It is good to have friends that own condos out there. 

feb 10 014 edited

  • Seeing little kids skiing and snowboarding is one of the cutest things, ever!
  • We definitely want to take our boys next year.  feb 10 036 edited
  • Driving across Kansas makes Grant grumpy. 
  • He doesn’t like taking detours to drive  by the houses that I grew up in.  That makes him even more grumpy. 
  • My in-laws were great to take care of the boys while we were gone, even taking off work to do so. 
  • A week is too long to be away from my boys!   
  • I missed their cuteness.   

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  1. I skiied at Vail three years in junior high/high school. My friend's dad was a doctor and had a conference there every year, so she invited me to go along -- it was a cute little town. And because I went on my parents' money, I never knew it was so expensive until later I would tell people that I skiied at Vail and they would act like it was all ritzy! :) Sounds like a lot of fun -- I LOOOVE skiing!


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