Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cash’s Little Tummy


If you know our family well, you probably know that Cash is not much of an eater.  And it’s been getting worse the last few months.  He pretty much refuses most foods, most of the time.  Even the good stuff, even cupcakes! 

I wish I had that problem. 

But anyway, back to my point.  It has gotten to where I just don’t think he’s picky or that it is just a stage.  He has gone many days without eating anything, and I pour some Ensure down him just to give him the calories.  It’s not good. 

So after my wishing-the-problem-away approach didn’t work, we’ve decided to try something else.   Tomorrow Cash is scheduled for a little procedure at the hospital to see what is going on.  It’s called a Barium Swallow.  Basically, he will have to swallow a solution, and an x-ray will track its path through him.  And we should be able to see if anything is wrong with his esophagus or stomach or whatnot.

He’ll also meet with an Occupational Therapist to look at his swallowing. 

So here is to praying that we will find an answer/treatment/step-in-the-right-direction for this tummy problem. 


  1. Please let me know how this goes. I didn't know it had gotten worse and I will pray you guys find a solution soon. Love that little guy!

  2. Praying! Hate to hear that you all are having to deal with this. Hope all goes well.

  3. Thinking of you guys today. Hope Cash handles the procedure okay and that his little tummy is alright. :)

  4. How did everything go, Brei?

  5. Please let us know what they find. I don't know what's worse sometimes, them finding something or them saying, "Huh. Nothing wrong. Everything is fine. Wierd." Because then you are back to square one. We are thinking of you.


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