Monday, January 10, 2011

Weezering Last Weekend

Grant’s birthday was last weekend.  Happy 28th Dear!

He likes to joke that his birthday always turns into OUR birthday.  Um, I can’t help it that when I go gift shopping for him, I always find a little something myself, too.  It just happens. 

So, in the spirit of OUR birthday, I got us some concert tickets to MY most favorite band of ALL time.  All-time, people.  WEEZER.  My love for them goes back to um, middle school?  I don’t know.  Something like that anyway.  And the same goes for my sisters.  So it was a Ziegler sister weekend event. 

Photo Jan 09, 23 54 03 

Thats right, two nights of Weezer. 

Photo Jan 09, 23 50 32

We’re dorks like that.  

Photo Jan 09, 23 52 20

I was pretty pumped about the free glasses.  I might still be wearing them.  And how about that guy’s face behind us?  Silly stranger. 

Of course the birthday boy enjoyed it too.  Although he wasn’t seeing HIS most favorite band of all time, he had a good weekend with all the in-laws and significant others.  

 Photo Jan 10, 0 01 44

Thanks for the fun time family.  Thanks for the pics Henrique.  And a big shout out to Bob and T-Bone (mom & Dad) for driving all the way to Chicago to watch all the grandsons so we could go Weezering all weekend.   

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  1. I'm jealous! Do I remember you were a huge Weezer fan? Apparently not! But I have loved Weezer all my life too...middle school too maybe. Glad Grant could have a birthday so you could get a gift!


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