Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying to Move

We’re still trying to move, we thought today would be the day, but the beautiful snow ruined our plans.

Moving 008

  It was a light snow, but enough to get school canceled.   And I tend to be less productive when I have two little superheroes creating chaos all around.  So we’ll wait another day or two.  We needed the extra time to finish prepping the house anyway. 

Plus, when school gets cancelled, it’s tradition to have time for extra snuggles and a fancy breakfast.  feb 11 027

Snuggles beat moving boxes every time.  

We’ve pretty much finished painting every surface in the house, and I am quite pleased with how it has turned out.  In addition, we changed out most of the light fixtures, light switches, and outlets, so things look a lot fresher.  I’m anxious to get our things in there and show you some before and after pics.  Yippee, that’ll be fun. 

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  1. Yes, please on the before and afters. I'm dying over here to see all the progress!


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