Monday, May 9, 2011

First Taste of Summer

Just a few pics of this year’s first trip down to the lake.

And not a lot of words, because isn’t the lake is pretty self-explanatory?

Cabin May 2011 007-1

But I guess I do need a couple captions:  Papa had a happy birthday.

Play Ball (11)-1

And the mamas and the grandma had a happy mother’s day.

Play Ball (26)-1

We enjoyed our time with our baby cousin.

Day 2 (16)-1

And I’m positive that the water was not warm enough for me to get in.

But I guess these boys have different standards.

Obviously they had a blast.

And it was well deserved relief after a long and hot day of fishing.

 Day 2 (27)-1

Look how cute my husband is.  Just thought I should throw that out there. 

Day 2 (4)-1

Clearly, that cute-patooty in the new life jacket is the apple of of his eye.

Play Ball (10)-1

Play Ball (13)-1

Play Ball (5)-1Play Ball (6)-1Play Ball (7)-1

And I don’t know what this trilogy of Jagger’s frustration was all about, but the boys had a good time showing off their skills.

And that’s that.  We’re looking forward to a summer full of these kind of shenanigans.

Yeah, I said shenanigans.

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