Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Weekend

For whatever reason, the four of us haven’t been home together for a whole weekend since I don’t remember when.

June 2011 033-1June 2011 018-1

Actually, since April to be exact.

June 2011 037-1June 2011 043-1

Anywho, this weekend we soaked up our time together.

turtle-1June 2011 069-1

And did lots of boyish things.  Cuz that’s what families with two little boys do.  Even though the mother sometimes gets grossed out or scared of things those little boys pick up.

outside-1June 2011 025-1June 2011 019-1June 2011 028-1

Even so, no manis or pedis or shopping.  Just lots of good old outdoor stuff.  That’s all.

June 2011 036-1June 2011 009-1

And when we couldn’t be outside, we camped out inside.


Play hard.  Sleep hard.  That’s how I like em.

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous and make me want to live your life for a day. Except for the snake part.

    Looks like an awesome weekend.


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