Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 days, 253 photos later

And that can only mean we spent the weekend with the cousins. 

photo shoot (43)

  photo shoot (107)

And so we did a lot of cousin-y things

Like celebrating this cutie pie who is almost two

June, with the cousins 021

And then we did some more boyish things

fireside (10)

fireside (11)

Like wrestling

June, with the cousins 005

outside (2)

And catching turtles

fireside (34)fireside (36)

And roasting marshmallows…

and telling ghost stories.

(Oh, and Henry, since you weren’t there, somebody might have scared the boys into thinking you are going to kill them in Mexico.  Sorry.) 

And of course they bathed.

photo shoot (118)

photo shoot (130)

This counts, right?

Thanks to the parents for hosting all of the crazy.

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