Sunday, July 3, 2011

Before and After–Hallelujah

Perhaps some of you remember 15 years ago when I said the bathroom was about to be finished in two weeks.  Clearly, my timeline may have been a teensy bit ambitious.  I guess I forgot to factor in being tired after a long workday, weekends out of town,  frustration, and the feeling of being just plain sick of construction.   

So, incase you never had the pleasure of seeing what the bathroom looked like before, here ya go. 

Befores, Valley View 003

The seafoam & gray tile, the carpet, and basically all the fixtures had seen their prime. 

Grant ripped everything out down to the studs….

Afters, Valley View 003

and, TA-DA!

Afters, Valley View 005Afters, Valley View 006

Afters, Valley View 004

Grant literally did all the work himself.  I was only responsible for scraping the wallpaper and framing that print below.  I’m pretty handy, what can I say? 

Afters, Valley View 002

Yes, bathroom. You do look lovely today.


  1. Looks super good! Definitely impressed and I love the print you framed. That's the kind of positive outlook I want to wake up to.

  2. WOW. What a change! It looks awesome.

  3. This looks amazing! It's making me take a second look at the peeling 70's wallpaper in my master bath...


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