Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Weekend Fun

First day of School 009

This guy finally learned how to do this, without those pesky training wheels. 

First day of School 006

It’s not like it took him a long time to learn, or even that he was scared to until now….

it’s just that there has been no incentive to learn, since he doesn’t really have any friends to ride around with in the hood.

After all, everyone is like 80 up in here.

First day of School 015First day of School 016First day of School 017

This guy perfected his buzz impression.  (Thanks Kristin.  As you can see, we’re still getting a lot of miles out of this costume!)

First day of School 001 (2)

Yeah, those are cereal boxes duck-taped to his arms.  Don’t judge. 

Or else. 

August 2011 009

I touched a gun for the first time, ever.  And it wasn’t so bad.  I might just bring out my inner red neck and do it some more. 


  1. Buzz is such a cutie! Hope kinder contiues to go well. We used to have a texas plate. I will see if I can find it. Miss you all! Kristin

  2. Did you threaten the girls in Jagger's class? or the teachers at school?


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