Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Favor?

Hey Friends!

I am blogging today with a favor for my boy’s birthday coming up soon.

You see, Jagger really really really wants to be like his big cousin Ryder.  Because Ryder is cool.  Ryder also happens to have his room decorated with lots of different license plates.  Do you see where I am going?

We have a Missouri one, and that’s it!  Anyone out there have a another state plate you woudn’t mind mailing to us?  Comment me if you can.  I know Jagger will be so thrilled about it!


  1. Oh yea, I can help Jagger be cool like Ryder. I have the Kansas KMY plate that came off of your old Saturn (remember Sadie?). I also have a Jayhawk plate that would look REALLY cool in his room!

  2. I'll keep my eye out, but so far we just have the one set of OK plates since we've only been here a year. I'll ask around . . . all our MO plates were tossed. Ask Brandon to ask my Dad, I'll bet he's got some old MO ones propping open a door somewhere!

  3. I'll see what I can come up with :-)


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