Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Stuffs

It seems as if I have lost my enthusiasm for blogging lately.  I’m pretty sure the blame can go to the wonderful weather this month, Pinterest, and, uh, Wall Street.  Why not? 

Even so, I was told it is my turn to blog.  And I can’t let the people down.  I refuse to let all three of you down.  And Alisha, I think it’s your turn in scrabble.  Also, I am setting up two more posts for tomorrow and the day after.  I’m on a roll people.  This is crazy. 

So, back to blog number one of this week. 

Last week, Kenzie and I took the boys out for a mini photo shoot.  The weather was nice and the leaves were pretty, so I figured it was an awesome idea to make my offspring wear flannel and take some pics out on the local trail. 

I got a few good ones. 

October 2011 092

October 2011 139

October 2011 058

October 2011 023

Yes they are cute.  And yes, Grant is wearing overalls. 

Do you know about Grant and the overalls situation?  Well, the situation is: He loves them!  A lot.  More than any normal 20-something-year-old that isn’t a farmer.  Since living in Great Grandpa’s house, Grant has had unlimited access to Great Grandpa’s overalls.  I think it’s sweet that he wears his Grandpa’s things.  After all, I can hardly picture Great Grandpa in anything but overalls.  Anywho, Grant likes the overalls so much, he is almost abusing the privilege.  Sometimes he pretends to be Kris Kross but usually he just pretends to be uber hillbilly. 

Yes, that’s my husband about to go hand fishin’. 

Anyways, back to the boys photo shoot.  It ended quite abruptly when a rock ruined Cash’s day. 

October 2011 210

No bueno!  I hate to see my boys hurt. 

I was fearful that he was going to need stitches or the like, but once we got it all cleaned up, it was just a tiny cut.  And everything was better when I promised him popcorn and a movie night.   

And because I can’t leave you with that terrible picture of Cash in your mind, I’ll throw in some randomness to ease your mind.

October 2011 042

This is the back yard right about now.  It gets to be dang pretty in October. 

However, these boogers are what is all over the front yard.

 October 2011 043

I only wish this kind of tree on my enemies.  And maybe my frenemies.  Well, whatever.  I hardly ever waste time wishing about the trees of others.  Just make sure you don’t have a Sweet Gum Tree if you like walking in your yard.  It’s quite bothersome. 

October 2011 033

This little headless man is consistantly decked out as follows: Half Mizzou, half Jayhawk, and half safety-pinned Superman.  Yes, I know that is 3 halves, so what? He just really loves the Big 12 and wants us stay united. 

And that’s all the randomness that I could come up with today.  There will be more tomorrow. 

If I was a dinosaur, I would be blogasaurus rex.


  1. Well believe it or not I actually used to be neighbors with the dude that hosts hillbilly handfishing - yes, it's true. Out of all the people that I know in the world I can honestly say I was shocked that he was the first person to become famous/infamous from TV. Anywho, my mom's still in contact with him if Grant every wants to go to the boonies in Oklahoma. Enjoyed the blog post :)

  2. Thanks for not letting us down. Did you count me as a blog reader? That makes 4! I'm sure you've got lots of readers...your blog is fun to read! Great job on the pictures! Your boys are soooo cute--even with that horrible gash!


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