Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Kitchen is Done! Except, not really.

But it’s as done as it’s going to be for awhile. 

Still left on the to-do list is get a new range, microwave, fridge, and cabinet above the fridge…  hopefully those will get done this year, but who knows. 

Anyway, here’s a reminder of the before, in all its oak glory:

Christmas 017 

And here’s what we’re working with now:

Feb 12 020

I love that big old sink!  I can’t stress how awesome I think it is.  Some people have questioned me on this, thinking it wouldn’t be good for doing dishes…. well my answer to that is simple.  I DON’T DO DISHES!  I hide dirty dishes, until I can load them in the dishwasher, and this big old sink is perfect for that!

Feb 12 023Feb 12 024

Now, the wider view of the room isn’t so pretty, cuz we still rockin’ some bisque appliances.  Their time will be limited though! 

Feb 12 026

So here’s the run down of what we did do, didn’t do, and hope to do:

Obviously, everything got painted.  The walls, a light gray, the outer cabinets, a white, and the island, a darker gray.  And we removed the breadbox in the corner.  I’m not a breadbox kind of girl.  More specifics about the paint and counter can be found in this post.

We kept the oil rubbed bronze hardware, and just got new hinges for the island.  The hinges on the white cabinets, I actually just spray painted white.  It was a cheap fix, but truthfully, I am not very happy with how they turned out.  We’ll probably get new ones, eventually.  Maybe oil rubbed bronze, maybe white, not sure yet.

Of course, the counter and sink are new, and we decided it would be a good idea to have the dishwasher ready to be installed when the counter was installed.  Since it needs to be screwed into the bottom of the counter,  and we didn’t really want to risk drilling into the granite ourselves, we made sure we had it when there were professionals up in here.  We went with a Bosch, and I’m pretty smitten with how quiet it is.  Literally, our refrigerator is louder than our dishwasher!  (Although, looking at the fridge, that might not be a surprise!)

Grant did the subway tile backsplash.  And we’re pretty happy with it.  It’s a good bang for you buck, considering each tile is only like 30 cents or something like that.  I think our 25 or so square feet of backsplash, cost us around $100 with all the supplies and everything.

Feb 2012 002

So I don’t really feel like we can call the kitchen project complete until the new appliances are all in.  But for now, it’s as done as it’ll be until Dave Ramsey gives us the okay on some pretty stainless appliances.

In the meantime, there’s a little more painting to do, to get the trim all white and pretty.  And I have a chalkboard thingy I want to do to the basement door, which is right off the kitchen.  But we’re a little sick of painting right now, so who knows when that’ll get done!

Feb 12 017



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