Friday, March 2, 2012

Round Here

Feb 2012 001-1

Uncle Arnold was here for a visit last week.  My boys love them some Uncle Arnold.  They put him to work right away… reading, legos, & nerf gun type of work.

Feb 12 004Feb 12 002

We caught a Veggie Tales Live show a few days ago.  Cash talked us into getting him the Larry Boy hat.   He doesn’t look happy in these pictures, but that’s just a front for the camera.  He’s thrilled to have super suction cup ears, and pretty much hasn’t taken the hat off yet. 

Feb 2012 004

Grant and Jagger took a machete to all the brush down by the lakefront.  It was cold enough that day to break out the coveralls.  The next day, everyone was in shorts, I imagine. 

Feb 2012 008

We’ve met a handful of neighbors around here and so far everyone seems great.  And there are lots of kids!  I so did not expect that, but across the street, there are 3 six year old boys!  Jagger is going to be heaven.  And there’s plenty of little rug rats around about Cash’s age too. 

Feb 12 011Feb 12 0021

I’ve been poking around the flower beds in anticipation of the surprises that should be popping up soon.  I hope it’s pretty!

Feb 12 013

Unfortunately, I found a couple of these skins!  I was afraid to touch them, is that weird?

Feb 2012 001

I made this little sign for our entry way.  A bigger, more fancy copy of it is for sale at Urban Outfitters, but that costs money.  And as it turns out, I like it when things pop out of my printer for free.  I am a maker, not a buyer!  

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