Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Outdoorsyness

Lord, I love spring!


Life is so much better when the kids play outside.  And I get some porch time.  The grass is green, the windows are open.  Oh, my favorite!  And Lemonade.  Pink Lemonade Season!

 march 12 001

When I first wake up, the lake is usually as smooth as glass.  LOVE.  From here I can see a good reflection of the houses across the way.  One of these days I am going to be sneaking around in their backyards so I can attempt to get a good shot of my house reflected in the lake.  I’ve got to time it right so they don’t think I’m crazy. 

March 12 008

Saturday and Sunday had a few moments of dreariness to them, but that didn’t stop my fisherman.

March 12 011

Jagger is rocking a gnarly pink eye today, so he’s home from school.  He’s feels just fine, so I know he’ll be begging to be out there all afternoon. He can do the whole fishing thing by himself, except for when it comes to releasing the fish.  And unfortunately this momma can’t help, due to this condition I have where I can’t touch fish or I get really grossed out.  So we might have to wait til Daddy gets home. 

March 12 005March 12 003

We’ve got one pretty purple tree right out front. And a couple Bradford Pears around. They make me happy. Sometimes I stare at them. The weather has me thinking about gardening a lot. My dream is to have an awesome kitchen garden with all the herbs, peppers, tomatoes, and such. Not this year, but some time I’m gonna learn me how to be a gardener.

I’ll probably need a mentor. Any takers?

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  1. Oh, your new place is going to be so much fun this summer! Don't be surprised if your kids begin to look like Swiss Family Robinson's. :) I am so happy you found such a beautiful place to call home!

    Hope all is well and that Jagger's eye is better.


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