Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Bench

One good part about keeping a booth at the flea market is that now I have a legitimate reason to go there a lot.  (although, Hubster would say that this is down side.) 

Anyway, a couple days ago I snatched this happy little bench up. 

march 12 006

I’m probably more excited about it than I should be.  Shut up.  It reminds me of the school desks and benches in Honduras.

It’s the perfect teal, the perfect chippiness, and the perfect spot to tuck away some Lightning McQueen shoes. 

march 12 004

march 12 014

The bench needed a little artwork above, so in came Cash’s masterpiece, a chunky C, and some of sister’s Kansas-Loving artwork.

She’s talented, no?

march 12 012

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