Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boy Stuff

Hunting.  Most people, when they hunt, wake up really early, travel to some remote land, and brave whatever terrible weather mother nature has given them that day.

This is how Grant hunted a few days ago:  Opening day, he wakes up at 6am, & immediately sees a buck out the bedroom window.  He fires one shot at said buck while standing in his boxers in his bedroom.  Said buck then runs TO the house, making Grant’s job that much easier. 

We’re so luxuriously redneck over here.


Meanwhile, Cash has just been awesome.  He’s moved on from being Spiderman everyday.  He’s now Batman. 



Dude loves him some superheroes. 

When we weren’t hunting out of our bedroom this weekend, we were cheering loud at soccer games. 


Jagger had his last tournament of the year, and it was so much fun.  I love cheering for seven year olds. The weather was ridiculously beautiful on Saturday.  They played great and made it to the championship game on Sunday night.  However, then, the weather was not so great.  Freezing rain, people.  Freezing rain.  We ended up getting silver, and that’s okay.  


I’m still fighting the urge to decorate for Christmas.  Will I make it ‘til after Thanksgiving???? That will be a record!

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