Monday, November 5, 2012

Chore Charts

In an effort to have the boys be a little more accountable, I whipped up these chore charts for the young-ins. 

Halloween 12 018

I just used a simple PowerPoint chart and clip art, printed them out and stuck them behind in some fun frames I picked up at the Hob Lob. 

Halloween 12 020

The Dry Erase Markers work perfect.  Right now, it is still thrilling for them to check stuff off.   

Halloween 12 021

Hopefully, that thrill won’t fade fast.  Mama needs those boys to pull their weight.

I don’t require every single thing every single day (with the exception of making their bed.) And the rest is just kind of on an AS-NEEDED basis.  Right now, they each get a dollar a week, if they have done all that has been asked of them. But I am curious about you other families out there…. Do you pay your kids?  What’s the going rate?  Sometimes I feel like a dollar isn’t enough.  And sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay them at all.  And I know I don’t HAVE to.  But I like them to be able to manage their own money, and save, and all that jazz.  And even if they waste it on crap I would never buy, I still feel like they are learning in the process. I don’t know.

What kind of kid/money/chore situation has worked well for your family? 


  1. Love these!! I think we need these at our house, and I will prob pay them... I mean they are cheaper than a cleaning lady, right?! And I totally agree in the saving/giving/spending. Will keep you posted on this one as I need to get on this.

    Miss you guys... and miss CoMo, too. It's been a tough transition {I think we should've stayed there! ;)} Shhh... don't say that I said that... ;)

    And we saw Jac, (sp?), as we were crossing Stadium and Providence, when we were there a few weeks ago... it was neat and sad all at the same time! I had decided that as long as we didn't see anyone, it would be fine, and then we saw her... it was funny! Anyway, gotta get some sleepy boys in bed... sorry for this long note! ha! Take care and tell Grant and the boys hello... can't believe how big they are!!

  2. I'm interested in what you find out! We are a little further away, but I've heard about things that they just do because they are part of the family - unload dishes, make bed, etc. Then there are things that they get commission on - take out the trash, pick up toys, etc. I'm not sure how you decipher what is expected vs earned (or how much to pay!) but that's something that Dave Ramsey promotes...and you know I love me a good Dave Ramsey idea.


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