Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Picture Upload

2012-12-31 11.39.26

Pretty snow day

2012-12-31 11.42.15

2012-12-31 19.37.14

New slippers and new video game = happy boys.  This was our crazy New Years Eve, I believe.

2013-01-03 16.34.492013-01-04 13.01.072013-01-11 15.56.15

Homemade batman shirt, Batman Pizza, and Batman Outside.  Um, he’s on a Batman kick. 

2013-01-11 15.53.04 HDR

Enjoying one of the nice days.

2013-01-11 15.59.54

Messing with the panoramic view. 

2013-01-12 12.56.07

Cash being awesome. 

2012-12-27 12.48.10

He loves his Spiderman.  He talks to it.  It’s pretty sweet to hear. 

2013-01-14 13.39.36

How the stone is coming along.  More on that later.  It has been such a headache!

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  1. The stone looks awesome! What color are you going to paint the house?


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