Friday, January 25, 2013

The Stone Saga

The good news is the guys laying the stone on our house are done!

The bad news is we are going to rip it all of. 

Yep.  Crappy, huh?

The truth is, the workers did a terrible job, were under-qualified, and it’s our fault for not seeing the red flags all along.

We were just too hopeful and didn’t want to face the reality. 

It’s a frustrating and expensive mistake, but we’re almost able to laugh about it. 

2013-01-11 15.16.57

So for a little while longer, our house is going to look like a train wreck.  I’m just thankful we are far enough back off the road that our neighbors can’t see how we’re really trashing up the hood.  Yep, we’re those neighbors.

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  1. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case. Sooooo sorry. How frustrating.


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