Sunday, February 17, 2013

Round Here

2013-01-30 19.44.042013-01-31 11.56.27

A few weekends ago we surprised the boys with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Every time we walked by this bear, Cash said it was his best friend and demanded I take his picture with it.  Weird. 

2013-01-28 13.03.05

Batman practicing his swing. 

2013-02-01 13.42.49

Does anyone else need to have a mid-day alarm on their phone?  Once or twice an afternoon nap has gotten the best of me and I almost slept though the whole pick-your-kid-up-from-school thing. 

2013-02-04 16.58.22

Big brother reading to Batman.  I love it, however, a little piece of me hates that I have kids that are old enough read.  Just doesn’t feel right.


2013-02-13 11.22.48

Cash and 23 of his best friends.  Lots of red for Valentine’s day. 

2013-02-16 11.01.36

Pre-game Prayer

2013-02-16 11.12.10

This last weekend was Jagger’s last basketball game. 

2013-02-16 11.47.01

The season went well.  Most of the time it was pretty fun to watch. And by fun, I mean, let’s laugh at the kids because they have no idea how to play basketball. I’m kidding….. No, I’m not.

2013-02-17 09.35.27

My Mad Men. 

Happy President’s Day friends! 


  1. I didn't know Jagger was playing basketball! Where have I been? Is that Georgia Jane next to Cash in his school picture? Adorable. How fun you went to Great Wolf Lodge. Is it sad that I have no idea what you guys have been up to?

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