Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 photo dump

It looks like I’m an annual blogger now.  My bad.  I’ve got about a dozen drafts started, but they all seem pretty irrelevant now. 

Not much has been going on though.  Life’s just been full of brotherly love over here.


Just kidding.

Even so, here’s some pictures to make it look that way.

We framed this up for G for Father’s Day.

 father's day gift

Not an original idea.  But I like our spin on it.


New this year:   Ace & Echo

2014-05-04 15.21.38

These guys are our new friends around the house now.  

AROUND the house, not IN it.  Anymore at least.

They surprised Grant the other day with their first mouse.  He was beyond thrilled.  They’re keepers. 

DSC_00912014-03-15 10.58.55

They boys have kept busy with sports.  Jagger is really loving basketball lately.  Every other word out of his mouth has something to do with Kevin Durant.

photo 1

Cash did two seasons of soccer, and then decided it was time to retire. 


He claims he wants to focus his efforts on roller skating.  We’ll see.

Someday I’ll post the total befores and afters of our exterior renovation.  We are so close! 

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of the summer prettiness that I get to enjoy. 

photo 3photo 2

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  1. I love your front door color! I wanna see more house pictures. More nephew pictures would be appreciated too. 😃


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