Sunday, December 21, 2008

My sweet little baby and his sweet little hand

Saturday night Grant and I got away for the night to go to Grant's company Christmas party, which was about an hour out of town. We did the Christmas party thing, and then stayed at a little B&B. It was all very nice. The boys stayed back and were lovingly cared for by Grant's parents while we got to be away.

When we reunited Sunday afternoon, we found out that there had been a little accident with Cash last night.

It turned out that he had crawled up to and touched the fireplace glass with his hand. He now has a huge blister on his palm and smaller blisters at the tips of his fingers. Grant has friends that work in the burn unit, and they have advised us that we don't need to drain the blisters, just keep them clean and covered. Papa pharmacist gave us a cream that we are keeping on it, in addition to the Tylenol that we're giving Cash every four hours. He seems to be acting fine. He has already adjusted his crawling so that he doesn't put pressure on his palm, and instead is making a half-fist and crawling on that. Bless this little baby's heart.


  1. Oh my goodness - that is a huge blister! I hope he heals up soon!

  2. Yowser! Poor little guy! (P.S. I started stalking your blog through Erin--hope you don't mind!)


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