Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pre-School Festivities

Because Jagger goes to two preschools (Countryside on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Mother's Morning Out at out church on Wednesdays) we got to fill up on double the Christmas festivities this week.

On Thursday Santa came to his school. Very exciting. The whole fam tagged along to check it out. Jagger was especially happy that Daddy got to come, too.

On Friday, the MMO program held a Christmas program. Jaggers class performed two songs, Away in manger and a Snowman Song. The snowman song was pretty cute. It goes like this:

I'm a little snowman, short and fat.
Here are my buttons. Here is my hat.
When the sun comes out I cannot play.
Slowly I just melt away.
Here is Jagger making his way to the stage.

Jagger did a great job, actions and all.

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