Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Sneak Away

Last weekend, Grant had a training in Miami, so I shipped the kids off to Kansas (thanks mom!) and tagged along for some quality poolside time.


The air travel to and fro was, of course, no bueno. Our travel misfortunes included: missing our first flight due to being fashionably late, the hair in my Cinnabon, and more delays because of Air Force One and it’s no fly zone, and then there was the plane with faulty brakes.  Ugh.

But once we got there, it was all good.


Random pic while people watching on South Beach. 

Oh, the people watching. 

Some of it made me want to burn my eyes.  I took pictures, but wont share them.  This is a family blog, I’m gonna keep things PG, maybe PG-13 on the days I’m feeling saucy.


Rat tails are back in a big way down there, it seems.  Hopefully my boys never get the memo.


Self Portrait by G.


Of course, we ate well.


And acted ridiculous on the public transportation.  Flaring my nostrils is my idea of getting crazy.

     And now we’re back to the daily grind at home.  Acting totally NOT ridiculous.  Because we are parents.  And we know people here.  And we’re upstanding members of the community gosh darn it. 

Not really.

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  1. And Grant's idea of getting crazy is raising his eyebrows...


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